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Shayla Mesecar

Executive Director

Hello Buena Vista families,

my name is Shayla Mesecar. I am the Executive Director of Buena Vista Children’s Services.  I have been working here at Buena Vista Children's Services since 2014. I started out as the Preschool teacher’s aide and fell in love with the work we do here. My goal is to become more involved in the community and continue helping our families in the Verde Valley by giving them a safe space to bring their children.

Some of my Hobbies are swimming, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, kayaking, spending time with my family, and anything to do with the outdoors. I enjoy spending time with my husband, nephews and niece, taking them to do things I did as a kid and giving them those fun memories to always remember.

 I am currently going to school, working on a masters in psychology for trauma therapy specializing in children. Throughout the years I’ve had early childhood education training and college classes. I am planning to be here at Buena Vista for years down the road as I finish my degree and have some kids of my own.

Thank you,

Shayla Mesecar

Shayla Mesecar: Meet the Team
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