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The Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit keeps your tax dollars in the Verde Valley when you make a donation to Buena Vista Children’s Services!

You will receive a dollar for dollar Arizona State tax credit when you donate to Buena Vista Children’s Services. Your donation will help us to continue fulfilling our mission of: designing, developing, and implementing model programs for children, parents, and educators. These programs address emerging needs in the areas of child care, education, parenting, child abuse prevention, resource and referral.

For those filing a single tax return, your donation can be up to $400.

For those filing a joint tax return, your donation can be up to $800.

Learn more about the Arizona State Qualifying Charitable Organization Tax Credit by clicking the link below…

Our Qualifying Charitable Organization number is 20962.

FAQs about the Charitable Organization Tax Credit            

Donate online by clicking the DONATE button below, or mail your donation to: 

Buena Vista Children’s Services

P.O. Box 1600

Cottonwood, AZ 86326