Shaylene Kelley

Multisite Director 

Hello Bright Futures and Discovery Parents,

  My name is Shaylene Kelley. I have two children of my own. My oldest child is a three-year-old boy. My youngest child is a one-year-old little girl. My kid’s names are Legend and Legacy.  Children are my biggest priority. I have always adored children even before I had them myself.

  When I was a young girl in school my teachers would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would respond with “I wanted to be a mom.” I have a desire to teach and guide children. This will be my fourth year working with children in a childcare setting. I have my

basic certificate in Early Childhood Education, my advanced certificate in Early Childhood Education, and an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I would love to further my education in childhood development because I adore children. My favorite part of being in early childhood education is that I love to see children accomplish milestones. It amazes me to see how a child’s mind works and how we as teachers and caregivers can help create developing minds!

  I have recently had the amazing opportunity to step into the director position at our Discovery site in Clarkdale. I have nine months of experience in a director position and I am truly blessed and excited for this opportunity to learn and grow with Buena Vista’s children and