Shayla Mesecar

Executive Director

  I am happy to announce my new role as Executive Director of Buena Vista Children’s Services. I am excited to start the new year off in this position and hope to bring us together stronger than ever before. I see a lot of potential in the services that we provide here at Buena Vista Children’s Services, and I hope to add more quality care to you and your children’s lives.

  A little about me, I have been working here at Bright Futures for 7 years now. I started out as the Preschool teacher’s aide and fell in love with the work we do here at Bright Futures. After a couple years I became a preschool teacher, I was the Preschool teacher for a few years and loved it. I was than presented with an opportunity to become a co‐director with Denisha for Bright Futures and the Director for Discovery Connection. It was a scary transition for me to take but I knew I needed to take that big step for myself. I was in that position for a year or so and then took over as the Multi‐Site Director. I was the Multi‐Site Director for 7 months and now I have taken over as the Executive Director. I love this company and what we stand for and I hope to continue our reputation here in Cottonwood.

  Some of my Hobbies are swimming, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, kayaking, spending time with my family, and anything to do with the outdoors. I enjoy spending time with my nephews and niece, taking them to do things I did as a kid and giving them those fun memories to always remember.

  I am currently going to school, working on a masters in psychology for trauma therapy specializing in children. Throughout the years I’ve had early childhood education training and college classes. I am planning to be here at Buena Vista for years down the road as I finish my degree and have some kids of my own.

Thank you,

Shayla Mesecar