Meet Our Staff

Pure Professionalism

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Shayla Mesecar

Executive Director

I am happy to announce my new role as Executive Director of Buena Vista Children’s Services. I am excited to start the new year off in this position and hope to bring us together stronger than ever before. I see a lot of potential in the services that we provide here at Buena Vista Children’s Services and I hope to add more quality care to you and your children’s lives.

Kaylene Scott

Director, Bright Futures Childcare

My name is Kaylene also known as Ms. Boo. I have worked for Bright Futures since March of 2020. I had worked here at Bright Futures when i was just 17 years old, and continued for three years. I stepped away to work in the medical field for five years, and now I'M BACK!

I am thrilled to be the new director for Bright Futures Childcare! I am looking forward to getting to know your family more and more importantly your child! I am so ready to jump in and help Bright Futures be a positive space for all, thrive, and shine bright for all who attend.

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Shaylene Kelley

Director,  Discovery at Clakdale

I have my Associate’s Degree in
Early Childhood Education. I would love to further my education in childhood development because I adore children. My favorite part of being in the early childhood education is that I love to see children accomplish milestones. It amazes me to see how a child’s mind works and how we as teachers and caregivers can help create developing minds!