Kaylene Scott

Director, Bright Futures Childcare

Hello Bright Futures Families!,

My name is Kaylene, also known as Ms. Boo. I have worked for Bright Futures since March of 2020.  I had worked here at Bright Futures when I was just 17 years old and continued for three years. I stepped away to work in the medical field for five years, and now I'M BACK!

​I am thrilled to be the new director for Bright Futures Childcare! I am looking forward to getting to know your family more, and more importantly, your child! I am so ready to jump in and help Bright Futures be a positive space for all to who attend to thrive and shine bright.

I have had multiple trainings over the years in how to help kids thrive, how to show them their self-worth, how to show them love and compassion, and how to help them be the best they can be. I also have some continued education with some early childhood classes.  I am currently attending Yavapai College to earn my associates degree, and will later attend NAU to obtain my bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

Spending time with my family and raising my son is a high priority. I love giraffes, word searches, gel pens, the color gray, and I LOVE ENGLAND. I will be going in just three years and cannot wait!!

I will do everything I can to have open communication, open arms, and understanding for the families the come through our doors. If you ever have any question never hesitate to ask!

​Kind regards,

Kaylene Scott